And, if you like them they will last a long time. Some posts may contain affiliate links. That said, the lenses once again impress as they are made of polycarbonate infused with Carbon TLT which makes them stronger, more scratch resistant, and improves their optical quality as well. If you are lucky, you may even find a veritable diamond in the rough where not only does the budget-friendly product not carry with it any significant flaws but it also provides some of the higher-end standards in terms of the market. 1. Roka GP-1X sunglasses are ultra-lightweight, comfortable to wear, and flexible enough to fit a variety of head sizes without too much pressure. Once again, when considering a budget-friendly option, the main point is to ensure an absence of weaknesses, and once again the Tifosi Jet triathlon sunglasses makes it a point to offer a bit better than simply the standard for many of these materials. Of course, all of this is possible since the color comes alive for your unmatched perception on the road. The Dark Artic Mirror lens transmits 9% of light and is an all-around neutral-colors. They would recommend getting one or a couple of lenses. I am a runner and ordered these to wear them in my long runs outside in the sun. This page works best with JavaScript. Sunglasses that stay put on your noggin don’t need to look like you’re gearing up to protect the galaxy from space alien attack. Of course, this only makes sense considering Oakley’s history stretches back over 5 ½ decades and has always centered around providing the best sporting sunglasses experience possible. You can shake your head like a maniac and they don’t move. I’d recommend this pair of glasses to those who want a versatile pair that they can wear for multisport activities without worrying about the glasses falling off. It’s best used for right and sunny condition in a variety of environments. ROKA created its SL Series for those who want a wide and unobstructed field of vision and maximum ventilation. That should be the right type of lens for you. As such, though it may not be the best at any given quality when you consider its price compared to many of the top performers on our list, its quality is still good enough to make the best all-around value triathlon sunglasses. The SL Series was specifically designed not just for sporty-people but also for those who race triathlons, compete in time trials, and train hard. The 100% S3 combines the standout features from the S2 and the iconic Speedcraft. This type of lens is best used for bright and medium light conditions. Regardless, this Unobtanium allows the Oakley Radar Ev triathlon sunglasses to not only repel excess water in general but to actually use that first bit of sweat to trigger a catalytic response making the Oakley Radar Ev triathlon sunglasses stay in place even better. This leads to the Oakley Radar Ev triathlon sunglasses providing some of the truest accuracy with far less distortion than you normally see from even well-manufactured thermoplastic lenses. The lenses work well in their appropriate lighting conditions. One of the biggest improvements towards this end is the development of O Matter, a proprietary blend of thermoplastics that offers exceptional torsional strength while also being among the lightest plastics available. Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2019. The Tifosi Davos has a “look at me” style that combines full coverage protection with sport design. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. As such, the Roka TL-1 triathlon sunglasses have frames which offer the best of both worlds and make another strong push for Editor’s Choice. While the glasses feel great on and look pretty cool, the polarized ones don't seem to cut the glare like some sunglasses I've owned in the past. Tivex/SR-91 — If you absolutely have to have the best material used for triathlon sunglasses lenses, then SR-91, which is sometimes called Tivex, is the only material for you. That’s why we examined brands to come up with this list of the roka sunglasses Review. 100% S3 – Best Performance Cycling Sunglasses, 4. The main reason is that most kid’s sunglasses are so trendy with robust aluminum frames. But, what makes this one different from the Speedcraft models? The color base for this lens is either green, purple, or blue. Both are good options to have while riding. Thankfully, nylon has roughly the same level of torsion durability, so the nylon lenses will bend and flex about as much as the polycarbonate ones will. UV — This is by far the most important type of protection to look for and is literally the reason that sunglasses exist in the first place. The field of vision is expansive and are very light. This is not to suggest that the Oakley Radar Ev triathlon sunglasses are poor at protecting your eyes, especially considering they do come with 100-percent UV protection, but they do not come with some of the other protections that one would associate with the lenses like anti-scratch, anti-grease, or anti-dust. Straight up prescription sunglasses were expensive and as I often run in changing light required a non tinted pair to come along. Top 10 Best Roka Sunglasses Review 2020. Triathletes who have bought these glasses like it because they do a great job of adding contrast to a bright sunny day on the road. That said, this is actually the oldest company on our list with a storied history that stretches back over 6 ½ decades and has consistently demonstrated nothing but top-tier quality from the brand. Finally, there are even UVC rays, though these are the least plentiful, though technically the most damaging. The Phototec technology is microscopic photochromic particles that are embedded in the lens. If you’re unsure talk to someone at a local bike store. This same statement is generally true for the nose pieces that are made of a hydrophilic rubber to prevent the build-up of sweat and slipping off the triathlon sunglasses. Now, fake sunglasses aren’t necessarily junk, and even if they are junk, they may still provide adequate protection. This is best suited for bright hand sunny conditions and can be used on the trails. The Clarion Blue can be ordered with polarization technology. Designed for athletes and by athletes. The same relationship applies to both the scratch resistance and the torsion resistance of SR-91 making it by far the strongest material that you can reasonably expect to find. If sunglasses are fake, you can’t expect anything about them to be true, including their supposedly protective qualities. On top of the optical quality, the lenses are also hydroleophobic which means that not only do these lenses repel water but they also repel oil, meaning no more fingerprint smudges, as well as dust. Or, if you need to change out your lenses mid-ride if you’re out all day on the bike. Highly recommend if you want something stylish that you can wear while being active (aka sweaty) as well. The ventilation works well and cyclists didn’t have a problem with the lenses fogging up. The frames are light and the grippy stuff on the nose bridges hold them in place even when sweaty and with sunscreen on. I prefer the SR-1X for cycling and the Halsey line for running, for what it’s worth. To that end, the frames of the Roka TL-1 triathlon sunglasses are superb sporting the popular Grilamid TR-90 nylon material which makes this the only pair of triathlon sunglasses that we reviewed which features exclusively nylon for the primary components of the triathlon sunglasses. The green lens transmits 14% of light, the purple lens transmits 20% of light, and the blue lens transmits 12% of light. The Oakley Evzero was designed for speed and engineered to be the multi-sport sunglass for training, running, cycling, and other uses. When it comes to sporting sunglasses companies, there are few that can match the quality or the reputation of Oakley which has long since been known as one of the premier manufacturers of sporting sunglasses. It would make a great companion if you decide to trail run after a ride. When it comes to the materials of a great value, you want to ideally make sure that all of the materials are at least the high-end industry standard with maybe one or two made of a proprietary blend that improves on the standard in some way. Of course, like other models, this one also has Unobtanium ear socks and nose pads to keep the glasses securely on your face even when you sweat. This is especially true considering you are likely to be exposed to a serious amount of sunlight that can have long-term effects if you are not careful. Review: Roka GP-1 Sunglasses Roka expanded from the running and triathlon game into the cycling market quietly but hit the gas hard in 2018 with some impressive sunglasses. Moreover, nylon is inherently far more resistant to scratching than polycarbonate without sacrificing its lightweight build or ability to be infused with a number of other protections. Reviewed in the United States on May 24, 2019. Smith Pivlock Arena Max – Best All-Around Value Triathlon Sunglasses, 9. This would not only tint your field of vision but also eliminate glare, enhance color, and offer complete UV protection. Whenever you are looking for value, you want to make sure that the product in question offers some additional features that are not normally found in its price range. In fact, the only material used which does not exceed the basic standards for sporting sunglasses, in general, are the lenses which are still made of shatterproof polycarbonate, though they have a tendency to fog up easier than most. Finally, polycarbonate is an extremely lightweight material which prevents it from adding to the already sizable fatigue that is part and parcel of any endurance race. That said, these rays are most prominent during dawn and dusk, so you only have to worry about it then. Sunglasses are something I’ve always skimped on to be able to buy more important things….like tri kits! Best Smart Bike Trainers 2021: top-rated indoor bike trainers, Best Road Bike Pedals: top-rated clipless pedals. Smith Optics definitely did not find its way onto our list the same as most of the other companies that we reviewed did. For instance, this pair of triathlon sunglasses provides some of the best coverage that we saw with a lens that is 3” tall and features a wrap around style. The frame is smaller compared to the other model and is best suited for smaller or youth-sized faces. Nylon — Out of the materials commonly used for the manufacture of triathlon sunglasses lenses, nylon is actually the least common. I had never even heard of Roka when I ran across an ad on FB but they were worth every penny. Along the lines of old school RayBan Wayfarer. When it comes to the lenses used for triathlon sunglasses, the Oakley Radar Ev triathlon sunglasses do not provide what most would consider the best of protections. The HiPER lens is 100% proprietary high-definition lens that ramps up contrast, colors and enhances details so you won’t run into a hole in the road. That said, the brand found itself becoming something of a fashion statement and decided to lean into it without taking their focus away from what inspired the company in the first place. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This pair of glasses has the same lens color offerings: AC Red, Clarion Blue, or Clear colored lenses. That said, it does not seem to matter all too much in regards to the business structure as Oakley simply continues to impress, this time providing the best optical quality triathlon sunglasses, though the prestige of the brand has a tendency to inflate the cost as well. I did an entire day of gardening over the weekend and didn't have to reposition them a single time. The lens filters sun rays so that it increases the detail and definition for better depth perception while you pedal out those miles. That said, it is worth noting that Roka is actually one of the younger companies on our list with only about half a decade of experience. That said, the brand is now one of the many owned by the Luxottica conglomerate and serves to form that company’s premiere sporting lineup. Most of the reviews I found out there are from cycling perspective, so I thought I'd write up a brief data point here outside of the cycling perspective. The sunglasses provide good coverage for cyclist’s field of vision and side coverage from the sun’s glare, which is a plus. It’s simple yet progressive features help cyclists enjoy the ride. Both offer the HC Octane Mirror lens. Instead, nylon serves far more as an incremental improvement over polycarbonate without a meaningful increase in cost such that it does not move the needle within the market. Driving sunglasses are a must-have for many motorists. On top of that, if you prefer a different lens, the Rudy Project Tralyx triathlon sunglasses features a system for changing them out as necessary. For instance, the Rudy Project Tralyx triathlon sunglasses features Rudy Project’s patented Powerflow design which uses vents at strategically placed points in the frame to increase the airflow without drying your eyes. Great glasses, and don’t move when running, Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2019. It covers more than the other model reviewed and can be used for many disciplines or outdoor adventures. Aside from the fact that Carl Zeiss is widely known as a manufacturer of the best lenses, regardless the type of glasses, it is even more impressive that they were able to do so for lenses made of nylon. In 2018, ROKA will have a presence across the IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 Series, including 40 races in North America, 32 in Europe, and 13 in Oceania, as well … Roka makes unisex sunglasses that are designed for performance, but they also are very stylish. Hi Romano, it looks like you placed your order on July 18 and we sent you an order confirmation email at 3:56PM on that date. At an Ironman expo we stopped by the ROKA booth and tried on some sunglasses. Reviewed in the United States on March 7, 2020. It enhances clarity and green colors. Roka eyewear has just waved in the Matador, a new pair of lightweight, oversized cycling sunglasses. For instance, while the Grilamid TR-90 nylon material may seem like an industry standard for the frames, that is only true amongst the higher-end sporting manufacturers. Unlike the other models, this one does not have interchangeable lenses, which makes these a great “starter” cycling sunglasses. Tifosi Davos – Best Price Budget Triathlon Sunglasses, Best Triathlon Sunglasses – Buyer’s Guide, Best Cycling Glasses: eyewear that blends fashion with functional, Great protection and ventilation, fit very well with the helmet, Lens material - top UV Protection filtering 100% of all UVA, Durability and all-day comfort of lightweight O Matter™frame material, Built for speed and engineered to be the ultimate multi-sport sunglass for training, running and beyond, Lightest performance frame and features a toric shield of Plutonite, Aerodynamic sunglasses for road cycling and triathlon, Durable, flexible and lightweight TR90 frame, Versatility, security, and ultralight performance, Lenses provide high contrast in changing light and overcast conditions, The lens is easily removable and interchangeable, Interchange model with three shield lenses, The Bike/Run Lens Kit is optimized for endurance sports. That said, this pair of triathlon sunglasses provides so many features which are almost specifically useful for triathlons and triathletes that it should be an option worth considering even if you are unsure about the coverage. The Roka Torino sunglasses package comes with a sunglasses case, lens cleaner bag, as well as a sturdy storage case and sleeve. ROKA Halsey Performance Polarized Sunglasses Designed for Sport for... ROKA Halsey Performance Polarized Sunglasses Designed for Sport for Men and Women - Matte Black Frame - Dark Carbon (Polarized) Lens. The AC Red is great for all conditions your ride in and have 41.4% light transmission. From a drive to both find a better solution to their needs as well as improve in their chosen competition, Roka was born and is simply the best performing triathlon sunglasses we saw, prompting us to name it our Editor’s Choice. Great classes. This is the case with the Tifosi Jet triathlon sunglasses where we see most of the important components adequately manned though they may not necessarily impress too terribly much. Getting the right one in a market with various options is a time-consuming task. Great all around sunglasses that stand up to wear and tear, Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2020. However, as the sun begins to rise throughout the course of the race, the lenses will darken in response, providing you additional protection and shade for your eyes. Great glasses for driving and summer activities, stay on your face without slipping or falling off when bending or looking down. It is important to note that polycarbonate is a type of thermoplastic, as are all of the materials used for triathlon sunglasses lenses. Why spend $100+ on sunglasses when I can get one for $5 at a gas station. For instance, the frames of the Smith Pivlock Arena Max triathlon sunglasses are made of Grilamid TR-90 nylon while the nosepiece and ear pads are made of hydrophilic rubber. Out of all the materials used for triathlon sunglasses lenses, polycarbonate is the least expensive, though the difference between the price of most triathlon sunglasses lens materials is negligible until you reach the high-end spectrum of the market. For instance, this is the only pair of triathlon sunglasses that we reviewed which features a photochromic lens which means that the darkness of the lens will depend on the brightness and intensity of the light. Plus I loose them ALL the time. The material will impact a number of qualities, but the most important one to consider is the optical quality and the durability, though the protections will be incredibly important as well. We find ourselves overworked, overstimulated, then we can’t slow our brain down, can’t sleep and don’t fully recover. The frames have curved temples to keep the glasses attached to your head for your entire ride and possibly run. The HC Fusion Mirror lens transmits 17% of light and is an extremely versatile high-contrast lens that also has excellent infrared protection. 10 Best Roka Sunglasses (Updated Reviews) in 2021 . The Bolle Shifter is the quieter yet powerful models of the Bolle glasses I’ve reviewed. And in darker lights, it ensures that you can see all the bumps and holes in the road.
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