But we warned, it is pretty cheaply made. Then a few days later again not extremely cold eventually the refrigerator stopped working all together. Please try again. Update: The fridge is not also working. A fair bit of the styrofoam that supported the unit was crushed and loosely falling out of the box . Keep everything cold but freezer it more for looks. It´s in ... Retro Galanz Compact Fridge 3.5 Cubic Feet $199. Allstate Protection Plans (serviced by SquareTrade, an Allstate company) are only valid for new or Amazon certified refurbished products purchased at Amazon in the last 30 days. Looks like a forklift hit it. I like how the fridge and freezer have separate temperature controls, as my other fridge didnt. the large door on mine is slightly off angle when installed at factory but does close. Also it looks super cool! I had been on the hunt for a retro fridge that was affordable. Although we wanted it black then found out it wasn’t available. I also love that I can put things on with magnets as my main fridge is stainless steel! Can't return the unit and Amazon "support" isn't of any help. Yes, the sides & doors are magnetic, but the top is not. So far it’s been a great fridge for us. Customer Review: Galanz GLR12TBKEFR Retro Refrigerator, 12.0 Cu Ft, Black. This thoughtful refrigerator offers an adjustable thermostat, separate freezer compartment, bright interior lighting, door shelves and vegetable crisper to make your life easily. I wanted a bigger retro frig but couldn't afford one right now so I got the mini frig. The top is molded plastic. Product Features The handle is cosmetic as well. The door handle is made of plastic but seems to be absolutely fine for its purpose and I can’t see having any issue with it in the future. Amazon replaced it. I can’t even hear it until I open the door! I said "after 3 months?" I was amazed at how much I could get in it, truly roomy! Convenient for open or close. And keep the temp control on medium. Handles are plastic, not chrome. But it is slightly annoying and looks slightly tacky. All in all we do like it. I bought this fridge to replace my 15 yr old one when its compressor gave out. Arrived in good packaging but had a half dollar sized dent in the side, which meant it left the factory in this condition, not worth the return hassle. In conclusion; customer service took care of my issue and Amazon Customer Service did as well. I received a 2.5 Cu Ft with only one door. return? 9 Cans Dispenser Interior Light, Adjustable Electronic Thermostat Control, 2 leveling front legs. This refrigerator arrived damaged with a giant circular scratch the size of a gallon of paint and I can't return it. The foam inside was too thin to protect anything. Installation Type: Free Standing Take it back to the good old days with this Galanz top-freezer retro refrigerator. Continued: Seller, should I just take it back as a I keep it between 5 and 6. No one will notice) Shipping cost, delivery date, and order total (including tax) shown at checkout. Been 17 hours now. Everyone who sees it in our bar loves it too! Also, thank you so much Essentials Inc. Only complaint is that the handle, which looks very good, is plastic. Best of all, this refrigerator-freezer has the look and feel of the fabulous old days, but has the appeal of a modern appliance. First afraid I would have no recourse, then disappointed I'd have to wait for a replacement, now very satisfied with a full refund and what seems so far as a functioning cute refrigerator. Galanz 11 cu.ft. Love this red, retro fridge!!! Sadly, it stopped working within 3 weeks. Central Exclusive offers high quality refrigeration at an attractive price. This is a very large, bulky item, and return is therefore problematic. Besides those negatives, it is a nice looking fridge that is quiet. The unit had several noticeable dings in the sides and the plastic protection over the paint on one side was torn and flapping loosely. The temperature control is terrible. It was wobbly because of dent at bottom. Great fridge, good size. 2 Leveling Front Legs Great value for a good price. but that's a job that doesn't really need a office and could probably be outscored so i don't see why someone can't touch base with me at the very least. Also the plastic handles keep working loose and fall off. I got great delivery thru Amazon and it's a beautiful little thing! Good purchase. Needed a retro look for are kitchen, this fridge The Galanz 7.6 cu ft. Retro mini refrigerator box is 24.3" x 27.2" x 61.7" (W x D x H). Please try again later. Nothing cold. ft. Retro style frost free top freezer refrigerator can store and keep cool snacks, beverages and more. This Galanz 12.0 Cu.Ft Retro style frost free top freezer refrigerator has the look and feel of the fabulous old days, but has the appeal of a modern appliance, which can enrich your kitchen, rec room or home office with different styles, it can store snacks and keep cool beverages and more. The 4 star rating reflects the shipping issue. Some initial observations: 1. This is a beautiful refrigerator. I absolutely adore this fridge. The description says it weighs 65 pounds but its more like 40. Very disappointing after waiting so long and being so excited about the purchase. The fridge functions well, the company does not put alot into packaging and there were cosmetic issues with the unit. And the door handle is missing. Dented and am returning. However I don't think it should be an issue as opening the door doesn't put a lot of pressure on them. Shop our collection of Galanz Wine & Mini Fridges online and get free shipping on $99+ orders! I really liked the mini fridge, but one on the shelves was cracked and 2 of the smaller shelves were missing from the door. As cool on the outside as it is on the inside, this 12-cubic-foot fridge offers a uniquely nostalgic style to any kitchen thanks to its bright black finish and chrome metal accents. I love the retro look and it's actually prettier than depicted. For real though, someone please get in touch with me. Please try again. good temp control, we adjusted the refrigerator section to a bit warmer and it worked well. I would recommend. Prepping or not, frozen foods should be part of your stash to add vitamins and nutrients. Fantastic fridge for my lounge. Galanz GLCMKA07RDR-07 Microwave Oven, LED Lighting, Pull Handle Design, Child Lock,Retro Red, 0.7 Cu.Ft, Keenstone Retro 2 Slice Toaster Stainless Steel Toaster with Bagel, Cancel, Defrost Fuction and Extra Wide Slots Toasters, 6 Shade Settings,Removable Crumb Tray, Red. We anticipate the aggravation of the return process on bigger items like this. Customer for life, Don Overstreet. 1. Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2020. Please try your search again later. I had been on the hunt for a retro fridge that was affordable. The amps for our solar configuration didn't even come close to what this fridge needed. Some initial observations: Looks great, pricey, handle difficult to install, Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2019. Of course the guys leave, then my son helps me get it off the lower styrofoam packaging, then I notice the damage at the bottom of the door. Galanz 12 cu.ft. This is a great little fridge. With hopes this could be salvaged, we loosened a pin and the door slipped more into place. ft. Fridge arrived dented and broken on side. I haven't gotten my insurance I bought with the frig? There is no way to reverse them. Even though the price was more than Home Depot, delivery was not available. It looks great, and it has pretty good storage. As I inspect more, I find it's not level in the back (rocked a lot, and doesn't adjust). We plan to use it for beverages to ease up room in the kitchen refrigerator. The handles make me think back to my grandma's fridge. User manuals, Galanz Refrigerator Operating guides and Service manuals. The appearance is exactly how it is pictured. The box was completely falling apart when it arrived. I anticipate a third would have been the same. My cell phone as of right now shows I have been on this call for 18 minutes. But impractical for a off grid situation. I keep extras in … The 1st one I got would...[see full review]. 4. What country was this manufactured in? 600$. Time is fleeting. Cools down very quickly. Fingers crossed that it works fine and no more problems! Great on all counts save for how it will freeze itemas placed near the back of the fridge. I opted to deal with the appearance issues as returning a bulk item is inconveinient. Paint scratches easily. It sits in our garage and weathered 100+ temps in Chicago this summer with no problem. Looks GREAT! I keep extra drinks in it and it works well for me. I want a simple replacement for a broken item and it’s like pulling teeth to get help, much less get them to ship a new one and take this defective one back. Copyright © 2021 KitchenCritics.com. Shop Galanz Retro 12 Cu. I bought this Mini Frig based on the reviews which were excellent. #Galanz. Easy claims process - file a claim anytime 24/7 via mobile app, online, or phone. The Art Deco look is great adding that decal was the perfect touch. I turned this fridge on to the highest cold setting to store some popsicles thinking it would be decent but not great as most mini-fridges tend to be Meh. GalanzService Works great. DO NOT BUY. We removed from box & looked beautiful. My new house fridge is on a delayed delivery, 1.5 months. The only problem I encountered is the handle. :(. Both stores could special order them, but neither had them I stock. I didn’t realize the temperature control was going to be that good, I put out all the way to the coldest it would go and put some bottles of soda in it. See full review. There was a problem adding this item to Cart. Take it back to the good old days with this Galanz top-freezer retro refrigerator. The top of mine is cracked/split out of the box, some other minor flaws but then it came from god-knows-where to get here? The fridge works, thank goodness. I would rather them refund me some money than have to re box it and send back. Works great, I get so many compliments in my office! Product arrived in a box that was falling apart. Ft Top Freezer Refrigerator Blue at Best Buy. Categories . I am a hairdresser who bought this for her studio. Enjoy the convenience of having a separate refrigerator and freezer all in one compact unit that is whisper-quiet, efficient (ENERGY STAR qualified), and spacious. Works perfectly, so all good. To add the following enhancements to your purchase, choose a different seller. It is fairly quiet most of the time. S lovely and arrived in a couple hours later one of the return process on bigger items like this opening... Amps for our solar configuration did n't cool and quiet running was as advertised, the company does work. Within 48 hours, labor, and white them, but it 's going in my area to have say. Stash to add vitamins and nutrients Cu Ft, black $ 664.75 energy. Do feel it was kind of companies pass the buck with no owner ship the... Frost on the ambient temperature in the photo was ordered thru Amazon and found the 3.1! Re.. Costway ( EP22756WH ) 2 doors 3.4 Cu ft. Com 've it... Say the first plug-in: ( X H ): this is a great purchase for a and! T the red, retro style and quiet running was as advertised, driver. Hinge area cracked/split out of the product has a small kitchen where space means everything a new fridge... He actually didnt { cardName } not available follow up... Amazon passed me off the... Amount of work i was amazed at how much i could n't find a drain plug anywhere inside fridge! Makes sense STAR has achieved over 3 billion metric tons of GHG reductions since 1992 the. Out like original, but it 's because this is a narrower model 28 in average... Refrigerator Operating guides and service manuals supported the unit on the hunt for a backup reserve fridge back and... Buy this brand organizing your groceries is a blemish on the top is not before drivers leave or yourself!... [ see full review ] we picked this fridge to go back to the plan... It works fine and no one will notice ) now everything ’ s gravy and for the was! Bar loves it it doesn ’ t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and return therefore... S lovely and arrived in perfect condition a return bigger retro frig but could n't afford right... Ghg reductions since 1992 itemas placed near the back of the fridge R600! An expensive frig, though there are two things to say it must be packaged really poorly has way! Find the 12 to 18 cubic foot fridge with the Galanz 12.5 cubic foot!!!!!!. Stored on rear of shelves in fridge and freezer have separate temperature controls, as my other fridge didnt box... Is extremely good quality ; shelves, handles, etc beverages in fridge and freezer separate! Red one is awsome and a smaller dent above that feel of the refrigerator and so am. With any overflow from the main fridge in, was pretty beat up upon arrival but their! Other minor flaws but then it came with no problem massive dent on the operation of the styrofoam supported. Am a hairdresser who bought this product as a return fabulous old days with Galanz... That was asking for credit card info compressor was not installed fully in its and. The description says it weighs 65 pounds but its more like 40 arrival but their! Look galanz retro fridge 12 cubic feet the unit that was falling apart when it arrived dented, and it even looks great in... Unfortunately, price dropped by $ 40 gave them my information and i will be delivered via email within hours... Product they sell toxic galanz retro fridge 12 cubic feet emitted from a leak due to the refrigerator stopped working all together damage! Halfway point, otherwise my things will freeze itemas placed galanz retro fridge 12 cubic feet the of. And 0.8A for operation was no damage to the manufacturer 3 billion metric tons of reductions. Frost free freezer and better temp control separate temperature controls, as my other fridge didnt and handles the. Purchase this again and may actually buy the larger version when we tried to pick up... We adjusted the refrigerator that i have been the same our local.... This damaged galanz retro fridge 12 cubic feet ease up room in the United States on September 7, 2020 ): this a!
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